The social solution for families.

Social messaging and sharing

Healthy design

Flexible controls

App store

& Protect your kids

Easy to use

✓  Setup your whole family in minutes

✓  Built-in controls are simple and worry free

Great for all ages

1.   No phone - use Village on any device

2.   First phone - teach responsibility

3.   Older kids - monitor and maintain flexible controls

Insights & Controls

Get involved with your kid's digital life


Gain insights into who and how much your kid is messaging. You even have the option to receive alerts when your kid starts a new conversation.


Kid-proof controls so you can customize the experience. For example set the rating for gifs (how cool is that!).

The best part is they can be changed with a few taps at anytime. Village is the best option to grow with your kids.

Image Alerts

Block nude images before they are sent!
Protect your kid from fallout of 1 bad decision.

Potentially inappropriate images trigger alerts to enable a teaching conversation.

Message alerts

Village screens messages for profanity, cyberbullying, sexual content, and other offensive language. You receive alerts in REAL TIME with the questionable message for context.

Fun Messaging

Send gifs
vids and pics

Be the trendsetter
Free & easy to invite your friends

Healthy Design

Sometimes what you DON'T do is just as important as what you DO

No vanity metrics

Stop worrying about snap streaks, likes and follows

No discovery

Bye bye influencers and click bait. We get that discovery can fuel passion, but it has a dark side that can stay on other platforms.

No addictive feeds

Feeds are gone so you can focus on real life. Talk about liberating 😎

No explicit images

Discovery and feeds often push explicit content in front of our kids. We take it a step further and actively screen all images before they are sent or shared.

Easy setup for your whole family

All you need is your device. That's the convenience of an app-based solution.

Create your account

2 simple screens to create your parent account. Parent accounts have the ability to add, monitor and add controls to linked kid accounts.

Add kids

1 screen for each kid account you want to create. Be sure to share the username and password you create. If your kid already has an account, you can link accounts after completing registration in settings.

Set controls

Customize the settings to be appropriate for each of your kids.

Invite friends and family

Multiple ways to invite people you know from the Add Villagers screen. The easiest is to important contacts and invites are only sent to the people you select (via text or email).

Coming soon

A new (and better) way to share